Fall 2019 screenings are on most Tuesdays:


Sep 10Staff Area
Sean Christensen, Cosmic Siblings, Dylan Jones, Midnight Variety Hour, Erin Tanner, Fern Wiley

Sep 17Comprehensive Planning
Elijah Hasan, Howard Mitchell aka GATO, and Perry Shimon

Oct 1 Ways of Being in the Metaverse
Nico Daunt, Michelle McKay, and Codec Ultra

Oct 8Getting to Know You(Tube)
Presenters Clamber, Zack Fleming, and Kacy McHugh

Oct 22Works in Small-Gauge: 16mm and Super 8 films
Curated by Nicole Elaine Baker

Oct 29Moonlighting
Locally-produced horror films for Halloween curated by Monstrous Femme Films

Melina Coumas, Katrina Edelen, and Christof Whiteman

Nov 19Flowers are Dogs Smiling, Waving
Lindsay Costello, Maggie Shiple, and Lucas C. Ospina



Archive of Past Shows (original listings and photos from the events)