In an industry where less than 5% of the top box office films are directed by women, Film Fatales provides a structure for women directors to support each other, share resources, and help get their films made and seen. The organization was founded by Leah Meyerhoff in New York City in 2013 and has since inspired dozens of sister groups around the world, including the Portland chapter, co-founded in 2016 by Lara Jean Gallagher (American Gladiators, Stage Two) and Alexi Pappas (Tracktown).

Tonight’s films from the Portland Fatales exemplify the idea of Restrained Cinema.  Inspired by sometimes Portlander Kelly Reichardt’s film Certain Women, Dan Shoenbrun writes in Filmmaker Magazine about this style: “Each film is, in essence, a meditation on loneliness and fleeting human connection.  Both films gain power from naturalism. Both films are imbued with a rhythm and grace that render small moments with deep emotional weight. We come to understand the characters as flawed, distinct individuals, and we come to understand them through their actions rather than exposition or traditional arcs. We know what they want to say at any given moment even if their feelings remain unspoken, as feelings often do in real life.”

EPISODE III — Leah Brown in collaboration with Julia Calabrese + Jin Camou (w/live accompaniment by Mary Sutton)
The Gay Lifestyle – Lindsay Trapnell
Person, Place or Thing – Elle Martini
Woodsrider (excerpt) – Cambria Matlow
Clawfoot Slumber “Survive” – Devin Febbroriello
Ages and Ages “They Want More” – Alicia J Rose
Hollerings: 3 Stories in Wood – Lara Jean Gallagher
The Child and the Dead – Karina Ripper & Marc Ripper

Doors open at 7:30pm, show starts at 8:00 – seating is limited.