October 1: PDX Cinematic Psychogeography

PDX Cinematic Psychogeography

In 1950s Paris, famed theorist and founder of The Situationist International Guy Debord concluded that the design and layout of urban areas, consciously or not, neutered the development of community, free thought, and creativity.  His prescription to cure this ailment was ‘Psychogeography,’ a series of activities and thought-exercises aimed to reacquaint individuals with their surroundings so that they might overcome the negative effects of said design.  Tonight’s program plays off this concept, featuring Portland artists who use the filmmaking process to explore and better understand the world around them.

Dustin Morrow: Dead Mall & Treetops
Jodi Darby: Constellations
Eric Fox: Scape
Julie Perini: Impressions of Portland
Pam Minty: Camellia Portraits & Bond Butte
Ross Reume: Pedestrian
curated by Matt McCormick