Boathouse Microcinema has ended its run!

Boathouse Microcinema was a screening series of local filmmakers in Portland, Oregon. Screenings took place at The Boathouse, a long-running art studio space in a converted fire boat station on the banks of Willamette River.  It was originally conceived of by Matt McCormick, who asked Chris Freeman to join.  Originally meant as a 10-week project, its initial success after launching in the spring of 2017 led them to continue hosting screenings.

Chris Freeman and Matt McCormick in 2016, photo by Erica Thomas
Chris Freeman and Matt McCormick in 2016, photo by Erica Thomas
Chris Freeman, Amy Epperson, Shannon Neale in 2019, photo by Michelle Zellers
Chris Freeman, Amy Epperson, Shannon Neale in 2019, photo by Michelle Zellers

In 2018, Chris Freeman continued the series with new collaborators Amy Epperson and Shannon Neale.  These two brought a renewed energy and focus on centering queer and minority voices.

Boathouse Microcinema filled a unique space in Portland’s film and art community as the only artist-run space holding regular screenings.  Its three year run had over 50 screenings and events with over 250 filmmakers and artists showcased.

It was an honor to be able to show the work of talented Portland filmmakers during our three years of screenings.  We always aimed to foster community and give both emerging and veteran filmmakers a comfortable place to screen their work and connect with their audience.  There is such a breadth and diversity of work in Portland that we know that film community will remain vibrant!


Season 1 (2017):

Feb 11 – Boathouse Microcinema Secret Kickoff Party

Feb 22 – Portland Unknowns: New Local Shorts curated by Ben Popp

Mar 1 –  PDX Documentary All-Stars: Michael Palmieri & Donal Mosher plus Andrew Hinton

Mar 3 – Alex MacKenzie presents work from the Iris Film Collective

Mar 8 – PDX Animation All-Stars: Joanna Priestley, Zak Margolis, and Rose Bond

Mar 15 – Experimental Narratives: Elijah Hasan, Chris Freeman, Hannah Piper Burns

Mar 22 – PDX Film Fatales

Mar 29 – Keep Portland Portland: Vanessa Renwick and Lori Damiano

Apr 5 – PDX Experimental Animation: Laura Heit, Kurtis Hough, and Ben Popp

Apr 12 – Great Notion Film Collective

Apr 26 – A Tale of Two Cities: Portland & Seattle

May 3 – Short Stories / Short Films

May 5 – Steve Roggenbuck

May 10 – PDX Docs: Vermillion / Boxcar / Lindstrom

May 17 – Jodi Darby, Pam Minty, and Julie Perini, plus handmade film bonanza!

Jun 3 – Boathouse Microcinema Filmmaker Thank You Party

Season 2 (2017):

Aug 16 – In The Shadow Of The Moon: A Pre-Eclipse Warm-Up

Aug 27 – Chicagoland Shorts Vol. 3 with Emily Esperanza

Sep 16 – OPEN LAB: the BHMC Fall Season Kick-Off Party

Sep 24 – Melody Owen, Stephen Slappe

Sep 30 – PDX Cinematic Psychogeography + Deborah Stratman

Oct 8 – Who is She: A Program of Emerging Women Filmmakers curated by Shannon Neale

Oct 15 – Bryan Boyce & Adrianne Finelli

Oct 22 – PDX All-Star Animators: Chel White, Jim Blashfield, Joan Gratz

Oct 29 – Howard Mitchell, Karl Lind, Miles Sprietsma

Nov 5 – RECAP: Year One from the Boathouse Microcinema, at the Portland Film Festival

Nov 12 – Getting to Know You(Tube) – presenters Ním Wunnan, Tabitha Nikolai, Ralph Pugay

Nov 19 – PDX Experimental Animation: Luca Dipierro, Kello Goeller, Nathan Sonenfeld

Season 3 (2018):

Feb 11 – Be My Cinematic Valentine: a pre-Valentine’s Day warm-up of short films curated by Andrew Hinton, with special guest Larry Yes

Mar 23 – Later, Capitalism: A Braided Program of Works by Lydia Moyer and Jesse Malmed

Apr 14 & Apr 15 – PORTLAND 90: Film Clips from the Rebel Stronghold, co-presented with Atlas Obscura

Apr 22 – The Best of the Portland Unknown Film Festival

May 12 – Getting to Know You(Tube) – presenters Sarah Turner, Brad Grose, Michael Reinsch

May 19 – Mothering Every Day

Season 4 (2018):

Sep 22 – Boathouse Fall Kickoff Party

Oct 7 – Getting to Know You(Tube) – presenters Chris Freeman, Seanna Musgrave, Shelby Navone

Oct 21 – Dead Media Hour presented by Stephen Slappe

Oct 28 – James Curry IV

Nov 4 – ariella tai – untitled (how does it feel)

Nov 11 – Roger Stack

Nov 18 – Leah R. Brown – Goodbye, Portland.  See you next week.

Nov 25 – Daniel Coka

Dec 2 – Vu Pham

Season 5 (2019):

Mar 14 – Projectile Vomit: New Work in Video Installation by PSU Students

Mar 17 –  Julia Calabrese and Maura Campbell-Balkits

Mar 27 – Zoe Bullock and Jade Novarino

Mar 31 – Getting to Know You(Tube) – Presenters Steve Brown, Meg Cook, Leigh Silverblatt

Apr 7 – Scott Braucht, Spencer Garland, Jordan Shelby

Apr 14 – Roland Dahwen, Pam Minty, Julia Oldham

Apr 21 – rubén garcía marrufo – delineation of breaths

Apr 28 – Garrick Duckler – Presenting Problems

May 5 – GODDEX RESISTRIX Programmed by Hannah Piper Burns

May 11 – Pink Noise III Curated by Sarah Turner and Hannah Piper Burns

Season 6 (2019):

Sep 10 – Staff Area
Sean Christensen, Cosmic Siblings, Dylan Jones, Midnight Variety Hour, Erin Tanner, Fern Wiley

Sep 17 – Comprehensive Planning
Elijah Hasan, Howard Mitchell aka GATO, and Perry Shimon

Oct 1 – Ways of Being in the Metaverse
Nico Daunt, Michelle McKay, and Codec Ultra

Oct 8 – Getting to Know You(Tube)
Presenters Clamber, Zack Fleming, and Kacy McHugh

Oct 22 – Works in Small-Gauge: 16mm and Super 8 films
Curated by Nicole Elaine Baker

Oct 29 – Moonlighting
Locally-produced horror films for Halloween curated by Monstrous Femme Films

Melina Coumas, Katrina Edelen, and Christof Whiteman

Nov 19 – Flowers are Dogs Smiling, Waving
Lindsay Costello, Maggie Shiple, and Lucas C. Ospina






Boathouse Microcinema was proud to program artists of underrepresented identities, including promoting the work and voices of women, people of color, and sexual minorities.  We continue to acknowledge that our screenings took place on the stolen and colonized lands of the Multnomah, Clackamas, and Chinook people.  And that our location in Portland’s Eliot neighborhood is a historically Black community that is continually gentrifying. 


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Boathouse Microcinema was supported in part by The Precipice Fund, Calligram Foundation, and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Special thanks is also due to PICA.