Sep 22, 2018

Boathouse Fall Kickoff Party

Please come help us kick off our fall programming at The Boathouse with a party on Saturday, Sep. 22!

– Phone Booth Installation by Tiana Garoogian
– Bathroom Installation by Taylor Bearden
– Big Room Corner Installation by Alex Woodward
– Memes by Theo Bowen
– VR setup by Anselm Hook
– Videos on the projector by Jea Alford, McKenzie Blake, Leah Brown, Hannah Piper Burns, Erik Fox, Arianna Gazca, Kurtis Hough, Ben Popp, Nathan Sonenfeld, and Micah Weber

This fall, there will be two series of events at The Boathouse:

Boathouse Microcinema, run by Amy Epperson, Chris Freeman, and Shannon Neale, will continue with screenings of local filmmakers on Sunday nights starting Oct. 7.

And the brand new Boathouse Experimental Studios, run by Amber Case, will be a series of experimental sound and noise shows starting Sep. 28.