Nov 19, 2019

Flowers are Dogs Smiling, Waving

Lindsay Costello
Maggie Shiple
Lucas C. Ospina

flowers are dogs smiling, waving is a culmination of video works that, layered visually, technically, and (naturally) in meaning,

subjects are at once overlapping and bleeding into one another, with differentiating intentions but resulting in a sort of harmonious discordance that resonates of life

there is beauty there is violence concurrent and constant this is this and also that and it’s inherently interconnected

each of these artists seems to be documenting life with a non subjectivity, despite the absolute subjectiveness that comes with being in a body in a space in a time and facing the world

this collage of works are prompts that implore the viewer to ponder questions produced by their own mind in response to images and sounds piled onto one another