Feb 22, 2017

Portland Unknowns: New Local Shorts curated by Ben Popp

Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival director and Experimental Film Festival Portland co-founder Ben Popp takes the reins in our inaugural screening, putting together a show of Portland’s emerging and up-and-coming cinematic luminaries:

Individual – Nate Sonenfeld
Warehouse Samba – Gabriel Shalom
Spatial – Miles Sprietsma
Hers is Where Yours Begins – Janet McIntyre
Le Tram – Howard Mitchell
Microcosmos – Justine Highsmith
Crystals of Transformation – Fuchsia Lin
Blue Discord – Arianna Gazca
Ascendant – Leah Brown
Toxic Masculinity – Micah Vanderhoof
3 Weeks as a Tourist – Stuart Eagon
Film 3 – Micah Weber
Unrequited Love – Jerry Headley
The Internet– Nate Sonenfeld

Opening night at the BHMC was a smashing success! Giant thanks to Ben Popp for putting together a wonderful program featuring several of Portland’s finest up-and-coming filmmakers, and of course thanks to all the artists for letting us screen their work!