May 12, 2018

Getting to Know You(Tube)

Getting to Know You(Tube) is a way to cruise YouTube with strangers—to simultaneously get to know new shared community and to explore the phenomenon that is YouTube. The creative public video presentation series was started in 2011 by Crystal Baxley and Stefan Ransom, who saw YouTube as a reservoir of knowledge and a video archive collectively built by all of us. Presenters give 20-minute presentations to share their discoveries, thoughts, and questions regarding this vast knowledge trove, from the awkwardly banal to the wildly mysterious.

Tonight’s presenters:
Sarah Turner is a video artist, curator, and Associate Director at Disjecta. She will be discussing her experiences following YouTube star Jenna Marbles for over seven years.
Brad Grose is a podcaster and occasional memer. He will be presenting videos culled from public access TV stations.
Michael Reinsch is a multidisciplinary artist and former curator of Albatross Gallery, which consisted entirely of a lanyard around his neck. He will be showing videos of clouds.

Doors at 7:30 / program starts at 8:00
$8 tickets at the door