Mar 27, 2019

Zoe Bullock and Jade Novarino

Zoe Bullock is an artist working in film, performance, and writing, currently living in New York City. She received a BFA in Video and Sound from PNCA, after growing up in North Portland where she studied acting for most of her life. Her work sites theater and literature as a space of respite for honesty from a society that uses oppression and the disposal of life for profit. Intent on this interruption of the structures in our society that dehumanize, she cultivates room between document and narrative through language, story telling, and acting. She recently finished a short film starring Katerina Tannenbaum and herself, to be released soon along with a published book containing scripts and ephemera from several of her recent films, while continuing to write her first feature script.

Jade Mara Novarino studies letterforms, sends mail, makes paintings, videos, objects, spaces, and imaginary restaurants. Across media, her work makes use of personal narrative, site-specificity, quotidian details, language, drawings, calligraphy, cut-outs, and references to artists, music, and people. Jade also runs and facilitates Conduit, a project space and artist-residency out of her home in Portland, Oregon. For more information:

Zoe Bullock and Jade Novarino poster