Apr 14 + 15, 2018

PORTLAND 90: Film Clips from the Rebel Stronghold, co-presented with Atlas Obscura

There is no doubt that Portland is a city that is experiencing cataclysmic change these days. There’s also no doubt that if you’ve spent any time here lately you’ve heard grumblings about the death of “Old Portland” and the city’s bygone artsy/DIY golden days of the 1990s. But regardless of whether or not Old Portland is in fact dead, it’s clear that the years stemming from the late 1980s through the early 2000s profoundly shaped Portland’s creative landscape. Tonight’s program, a collaboration between the Boathouse Microcinema and Atlas Obscura, encapsulates that period, offering views of the city’s culture and landscape from a time when Portland was not Portlandia but rather a secret refuge for artists, outcasts, and goofballs. Featuring short films, excerpts, and outtakes by Vanessa Renwick, Gus Van Sant, Miranda July, Joan Gratz, Jon Raymond, Matt McCormick, and more. Several artists will be in attendance.


7:30 – April 14th
$15 – with free beer and popcorn courtesy of Coalition Brewery
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SECOND SHOW ADDED: Sunday April 15th 7:30
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