May 11, 2019

Pink Noise III

We partnered with Amber Case, who has been putting on her own series of noise shows at The Boathouse, to host Pink Noise III, curated by Sarah Turner and Hannah Piper Burns.

Featuring Performances By:
Eddy Eddy Eddy
Shana Palmer
Juliana & Taylor
Crystal Quartez
Jet Shea
Golden Retriever
Liz Miller Kovacs
Vern Avola
Mojave Bird
Noa Ver
Dolphin Midwives

And Visual Art By:
Alexis Rittenhouse
Taylor Bearden
Zach Gilbertson
Stephanie Brockman
Shana Palmer
Alan Page
Trevor Spano
Crystal Quartez
Tiana Garoogian
Hannah Piper Burns
Michelle Zellers
Allison Halter
Devin Febbroriello
Sarah Turner
Jaleesa Johnston
Hassan Mahmood
Matt Henderson & Daniel Smolentsev
DB Amorin
Pisstown Chaos
Dasha Sheyleva
Dave Mosier