Oct 29, 2017

Howard Mitchell, Karl Lind, Miles Sprietsma

Karl Lind, Howard Mitchell, and Miles Sprietsma have each been active in Portland’s experimental/underground film scene for many years.

Karl Lind has been making handcrafted videos since 2002.  His work has been exhibited in various film festivals and art galleries both locally and abroad, including the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Dallas Video Festival, Other Cinema, Artists Television Access, The Portland Documentary and eXperimental Film Festival,  and many more.

Howard L. Mitchell, aka el Gato Negro, is an American artist, born in Panama and of afro-latin descent. Interested in color, movement, rhythm and sound as well as the inner spiritual workings of humankind, El Gato Negro has taken what he’s learned as a painter, poet and musician and combined it into “visual music.” This is what he calls “a fresh take on the influential forms of Cinéma pur.”  His approach is to bring about “a new set of narrative codes” in cinematic language to gain a more innovative and vibrant style of filmmaking that he’s interested in accomplishing.

Miles Sprietsma is an artist/filmmaker/musician whose films have screened in numerous festivals and programs throughout the Northwest, including Northwest Film & Video Festival and the Portland Underground Film Festival, where his short film Apocryphal Tome won an audience award.