Feb 11, 2018

Be My Cinematic Valentine: a pre-Valentine’s Day warm-up screening of short films curated by Andrew Hinton, with special guest Larry Yes

Following up his wildly popular eclipse show, filmmaker and curator Andrew Hinton is back at the Boathouse Microcinema presenting a collection of experimental and non-fiction short films loosely pertaining to Valentine’s Day. Fall in love with life, or take pleasure in hating it all, at the BHMC on February 11th with this very special pre-Valentines Day warm-up show.  The evening will feature a collection of clips and short films carefully curated for anyone who has loved, lost, and/or lost and loved again. Find relief in the wisdom of ancient philosophers, marvel at the mating rituals of the natural world, moisten your lips to the greatest kissing scenes of the silver screen. Join us for an evening of film and music that chart an unconventional path through love’s many mysterious forms.

Larry Peace-Love Yes  will also offer a live-performance of appropriately themed musics.
$8 at the door
doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8:00.