May 5, 2017

Steve Roggenbuck

We are very excited to be offering a special Friday night screening/event with Steve Roggenbuck.  Steve is a Tuscon-based internet poet as well as a video artist, podcaster, blogger, mfa dropout, and author.  His YouTube videos have been covered by The New Yorker, The New York Times, NPR, and The Atlantic.  He has been touring and performing internationally since 2012 and has been included in the New Museum Triennial.  His videos draw from cut-up poetry techniques, memes, and dog dads.  They approach humor, spirituality, and self-help through self-portraiture and the immediacy of the internet.  His screening at the Boathouse Microcinema will include a live performance.

doors at 7:30, show starts at 8:00.
$8 / seating is limited

Steve Roggenbuck cut up a watermelon… and showed some videos and read some poetry as well.