Mar 31, 2019

Getting to Know You(Tube)

Boathouse Microcinema is keeping this old Portland tradition alive by hosting one Getting To Know You(Tube) event per season. The series was created by artists Crystal Baxley and Stefan Ransom in 2011 and was at one time a monthly event at the Hollywood Theater. At GTKYT, three presenters give 20 minute presentations about their favorite YouTube rabbit holes.  Tonight’s presenters will be:

Steve Brown is an artist working in video, sound, drawing, painting and life performance. He has performed experimental rock music solo and in groups such as the Nutmeg Ooze, broom, Colleen Pancake and Caramel Apple, since his teens. Currently he is working on an analog video project titled Thick Pudding, and the accompanying soundtrack.  He will be presenting on choreography and performance in experimental rock music.

Meg Cook is a reader and writer in Portland, OR.  She’s working on her master’s degree at Reed College, where she focuses on literature and critical theory. By day, she works at the Portland media arts nonprofit, the Northwest Film Center, and by night she reads novels and listens to Ariana Grande.  She will be discussing Susan Sontag.

Leigh Silverblatt (b. 1988) is a media artist based in Portland, OR. Her work is informed by her background in painting, which was transposed to digital media in 2011. Since then, she has collaborated with musicians including Kranky labelmates, Steve Hauschildt and Forma, on both improvised live visuals and music videos.