May 3: Short Stories / Short Films

The Boathouse Microcinema is pleased to present an evening of new, award-winning short narrative films made by Portland filmmakers.

Sista’ in the Brotherhood, by Dawn Jones Redstone, is about a black tradeswoman who faces discrimination on a new job site and who must choose between making a stand or keeping her job.
American Gladiators, by Lara Jean Gallagher, explores sibling rivalries in the face of unexpected adversity.
Modern Dark, by Josh Lunden, follows a young man living in the inner city as he attempts to see the stars through his childhood telescope.
Daniel, by Michael Hull, looks at a young boy’s inability to decipher his overly active imagination from reality.
My Father was a Spaceman, by Jordan Ros, follows a persistent young woman as she tries to reconnect with her long-lost father.
PLUS a collection of “how-to” tutorials from The Whiteman Brothers that will leave us all better prepared to face the challenges of life.

Shannon WillisFalling in Love While Drowning will play on the video wall.