Nov 5, 2019


FEELING EXPOSED features the work of three of Portland image makers who play with film as a medium of stillness and shifting, seriousness and silliness. Their work demonstrates a hybridization of deep intentionality with personal experimentation. Much of the work in this program originated on celluloid, though varied digital formats will also be present.

Melina Coumas is an experimental filmmaker and photographer from Oahu, Hawaii. She shoots primarily on celluloid film formats and enjoys experimenting with the medium while exploring themes surrounding identity, perception, and memory.

Katrina Edelen is a visual artist residing in Portland, OR primarily working in film photography and motion picture.

Christof Whiteman works in photography, film, video, acting, comedy, songwriting, and fiction writing. They think a lot about time, memory, language, ridiculousness, relativism, psychology, and synthesis. They live in Portland.