Oct 22, 2019

Works in Small-Gauge: 16mm and Super 8 films

Guest curator Nicole Elaine Baker brings us a program of works that originated on film.  In a world where millions of videos are created and shared each day, slowing down to meet the limitations of a physical medium becomes a revolutionary act.  These artists challenge us to resist the blur of the endless scroll and stop and look.  Some are documenting, some are inventing, some are manipulating the medium to point out its physicality, but all are resisting mainstream ideas of modernity.

We are, however, slaves to our time and this will be a digital presentation.


Artists included:

Emilie P Slater
Melina Coumas
Kamila Kuc
Julie Perini
Nicole Baker
Alice Heit
Stephanie Hough
Pam Minty
Miriam Gossing & Lina Sieckmann