Oct 28, 2018

James Curry IV

James Curry IV uses techniques of accumulation and recombination to open up new visions of the sublime and the absurd. His principal mediums are music and writing. His work proceeds as nonlinear examinations of daily life under neoliberal capitalism, which maintain a shared horizon towards some form of working class revolution. He is 24 years old and lives in Portland, Oregon.

James Curry IV @ Boathouse Microcinema is an hour-long collection of rare YouTube videos spanning from 2012-2018. Included are music videos, vlogs, and other surreal experiments and pranks. The videos are presented in a nonlinear manner, and share a lo-fi digital aesthetic born out of necessity and hyperproductive frenzy. These videos document a formative time in the life of the artist, full of stress and delusion and experimentation.