Sep 10, 2019

Staff Area


Erin Tanner – Cinder Rubble trailer
Midnight Variety Hour – Tarot Party
Dylan Jones – That Man
Fern Wiley – Boxes, Beanbags, and Related Encounters
Sean Christensen – Short Flower Animation
Midnight Variety Hour – Hair Dryer
Dylan Jones – Horse Painter
Midnight Variety Hour – Mirror World
Sean Christensen – Short Flower Animation 2
Cosmic Siblings (Siblings of the Sun) – Spring (1 of 3 Movements Edit)
Erin Tanner- The Pumpkin Hider
Sean Christensen – Staff Area: A Work


Staff Area

Staff Area: A Work by Sean Christensen. 

This is Sean’s first feature video work.  It is an exploration of his environment in the Hospital workforce as well as what it means to be a human being on planet earth and when and how you own your time on it.  The question is, are we working to live or living to work?

“Staff Area: A Work, feels like a new kind of personal document.  It’s a secret act of self preservation; a work of mischief that transforms a mundane and sterile environment into a deep reflective pool where the artist can view the strangeness and structure of life from unique vantage points.  Sean Christensen gets away with bizarre behavior in one of the most serious places on earth, while simultaneously making us think about how we live our days. This is what compact video capturing devices are for.” – Theo Ellsworth

Sean Christensen is a multidisciplinary artist born and working in Portland OR. Sean’s body of work is often rooted in the two vices of drawing and story telling between gallery walls and publishing small press art books and comics.  Sean makes music and video art as Phull Collums and in the performance group Midnight Variety Hour.  Most recently Sean has been published by Cold Cube press.

Midnight Variety Hour is a Multimedia performance outfit based in Portland Oregon.  The body of work has some rotating cast members made up of video artists, movement artists and musicians, and core members featuring work by artists Maura Campbell-Balkits, Sean Christensen, Kelly Rauer, Fern Wiley, & Leah Wilmoth.  Midnight Variety Hour was most recently active in the Creative Music Guilds Improv summit, and the RACC nightlights program 2019.  The Midnight Variety Hour exists somewhere between channels on Cable Acess and the midnight Hour that never ends.

Fern Wiley is an artist residing in Portland, Oregon. She received her BFA in Ceramics from the University of Oregon in 2006, and has a background in dance. Her work is interdisciplinary in nature — utilizing sculpture, movement, and drawing — and examines experiences of class, gender, body, home, intimacy, time, and space.

Dylan Jones is an illustrator/animator born in 1988 in Keene, New Hampshire. He lives and works in Portland, Oregon.  Dylan’s work can be found online under the name Hologram Ceiling, and has been published by small press art groups Nieves & Gridlords publications.

Erin Tanner is from Portland Oregon he makes comics, videos, animations, and piano music.  This time he is presenting his short hand drawn animation “the pumpkin hider” 2018 and a trailer for “cinder rubble” 2014 a puppetry film about a piece of the moon that walks around.


Staff Area