Sep 17, 2019

Comprehensive Planning

Perry Shimon – Market Street Woman
Elijah Hasan – Where the Heart is
Howard Mitchell aka GATO – Forgive us our Debts

In urban planning, a city’s comprehensive plan determines community goals and aspirations, and lays out guidelines for regulations and policies around transportation, land use, and housing.  But whose needs are met and who is left out by existing power structures?  Tonight’s program features three artists exploring contemporary urban issues.  Perry Shimon’s unmediated, voyeuristic view of a person on the streets of San Francisco forces us to watch someone that we might usually turn away from.  Elijah Hasan’s film consists of interviews with African-American Portlanders, recounting their experiences being sidelined by the famously progressive city.  And Howard Mitchell’s new short drama depicts the moment a landlord shows up with police to evict a black family after their house is sold in a gentrifying neighborhood.