picts from recent screenings

We’ve gotten a little behind with our post-screening reports, but here are a few pictures from our “PDX Experimental Animation” and “Great Notion Filmmakers Collective” screenings. ¬†Thanks again to the artists and everyone who came out!

Kurtis Hough, Laura Heit, and Ben Popp after their ‘PDX Experimental Animation’ screening.
Scott Ballard discusses his work after the Great Notion Filmmakers Collective screening.
Pamela Chipman’s ‘Seeking Grace’ on the video wall.
Kevin Forrest, Scott Ballard, Dicky Dahl, and Edward Pack Davee of the Great Notion Filmmakers Collective.
Laura Heit, Ben Popp, and Rose Bond discuss business after the ‘PDX Experimental Animation’ screening.
Eli Copeland next to his piece ‘Vertical Coil’ on the video wall.