programming the programs

Elijah Hasan, Chris Freeman, and Hannah Piper Burns at the BHMC

Here at the Boathouse Microcinema, we’re more interested in community than curation.  Make no mistake, we’re showing some fantastic work, but instead of curating shows of work, we are curating artists, and giving them carte blanche to build the program anyway they see fit.  This might mean showing some early 16mm work, as Rose Bond did a couple weeks ago, or foregoing a traditional screening and instead performing a communal metaphysical skin care regime like Hannah Piper Burns did this past week.  Either way, the reason why many of the program notes on the BHMC’s calendar are so vague is because we ourselves often don’t know what’s going to happen until the night of the show.  This keeps things interesting, but also allows artists to take risks and steer away from the traditional film screening routine.  What’s going to happen next?  We’ll find out!!!



Priestley/Bond/Margolis REPORT

It was another sold out night when Zak Margolis, Joanna Priestley, and Rose Bond stopped by last week.  They also continued what is fast becoming a BHMC tradition when they conducted their post-screening Q&A while seated amongst the audience.  One of the ideas discussed was why Portland has such a rich tradition in the production of animation. Besides the humerus (and likely somewhat accurate) stock answer ‘the weather,’ Rose and Joanna agreed that the presence of Teknifilm (an accessible and affordable film lab), the resources offered at the NW Film Center, and the freedom offered by working outside of a traditional media hub like NYC or LA all combined to allow a foundation of vigorous animation community to form in the early 80s- a community that would go on to create world-renowned commercials, award winning music-videos, Emmy-winning television shows and Oscar-nominated films.

Four shows into this project, it is exciting to see enthusiastic audiences coming together to share, ingest, and discuss local, independent cinema. Thanks again to the filmmakers and everyone who showed up!

the warm glow of the BHMC

Donal Mosher and Michael Palmieri converse about their film Peace in the Valley after their March 1 screening at the Boathouse.

Brenda Grell next to her work Levitated Mass.

Andrew Hinton shares the behind-the-scenes details of his film Tashi and the Monk.

BHMC ‘video wall’

We are pleased to announce the addition of a ‘video wall’ to our microcinema.  A mounted HD monitor on which we will feature a new artist each week.  First up will be Brenda Grell‘s Levitated Mass the week starting March 1st.

If you are a Portland video artist and would like to submit a single-channel work for consideration, please email us at Videos will play before and after screenings each week.

the BHMC’s ‘video wall’ with Brenda Grell’s ‘Levitated Mass’


opening night THANK YOU!!!

Opening night at the BHMC was a smashing success! Giant thanks to Ben Popp for putting together a wonderful program featuring several of Portland’s finest up-and-coming filmmakers, and of course thanks to all the artists for letting us screen their work!